About FinTelegram Whistleblower Community

About FinTelegram Whistleblower

The FinTelegram Whistleblower Community – we call ourselves the FinTel Watchdogs – has been established as a crowdsourced financial intelligence platform. We want to motivate our readers to engage with their online local environment about online fraud and cybercrime, such as illegal broker schemes, gambling scams or identity theft.

Assistance and information from a whistleblower who knows of possible scams and fraudulent behavior can be among the most powerful weapons of investors protection. Through their knowledge of the circumstances and individuals involved, whistleblowers can help FinTelegram to identify scammers and perpetrators.

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FinTel Watchdog Ltd

FinTelegram Whistleblower platform is owned and operated by FinTel Watchdog Ltd registered in the UK with the company number 11691963.

Financial Intelligence Bureau Group

FinTel Watchdog Ltd is part of the Financial Intelligence Bureau group of companies which also comprises